Restoring aquatic habitat is our legacy
Restoring aquatic habitat is our legacy
Restoring aquatic habitat is our legacy
Restoring aquatic habitat is our legacy
About us

Wetlands Management, LP, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Rosewood Corporation, a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Texas with diverse operations and investments.

For generations, our company has operated around the core principals of honesty and integrity, and our long-term investment perspective enables us to be ideal sponsors of mitigation projects. We have the expertise and financial resources to restore large contiguous, mature, diverse aquatic resources and provide a source for off-site compensatory mitigation.

As mitigation bank sponsors, we:

  • Fund the creation of mitigation banks
  • Negotiate bank permits with federal agencies
  • Protect all land use consistent with banking agreements
  • Implement mitigation plans
  • Monitor biological functions
  • Execute timely adaptive management practices
  • Market and sell mitigation credits
  • Provide USACE-approved financial assurances and long-term endowment
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Our Banks

Bunker Sands Mitigation Bank

Wetland Credits:  1,202
Location:  Kaufman County
Permit Approved:  May 2008
Project Description: 

The Bunker Sands Mitigation Bank restores and enhances 1,202 acres of aquatic ecosystem function while providing landscape-scale watershed protection. Plant communities are managed to those that best represent the potential natural vegetation expected for the woodland/forest site conditions. The long-term objective is to develop a mature bottomland hardwood stand dominated by desirable mast-producing species, with associated native tree, shrub, and groundcover species typical of pre-settlement conditions along the upper to mid Trinity River basin of Texas. WRRDA 2014 de-authorizes Kaufman County Levees K5E and K5W, reestablishing floodplain connectivity and allowing restoration of instream aquatic habitat.

Bill Moore Mitigation Bank

In-channel Ephemeral Stream Credits:  17,669
In-channel Intermittent Stream Credits:  14,783
Location:  Ellis and Navarro County
Permit Approved:  November 2017
Project Description: 

The Bill Moore Mitigation Bank provides functional uplift to the instream aquatic habitat of 50,230 linear feet of ephemeral and intermittent stream, as well as re-establishing riparian buffers within the Trinity River watershed. The Bank establishes a stable stream channel dimension, pattern and profile in stream segments where one or more of these parameters are unstable, and enhances the stable segments through native riparian plantings and cattle exclusion fencing. A riparian buffer has been established to accommodate belt width and long-term, stable channel meander adjustments. In a few of the headwater areas, the entire upper watershed area has been restored to a natural vegetation community.

Ed Young Mitigation Bank

Riparian Buffer Credits:  3,385
In-channel Intermittent Stream Credits:  6,350
Location:  Wise County
Permit Approved:  June 2024 (Estimate)
Project Description: 

The bank’s streams include Burns Branch which originates on site and is an intermittent tributary of Denton Creek. Restoration will connect the stream to its floodplain by reducing bank height ratio and improve meander width ratio. Other reaches are relatively stable and only lack native riparian buffer. Proposed riparian plantings will consist of a mix of pioneer and climax species to establish a mixed canopy and provide a vegetative source of dominant species.

David Sands Mitigation Bank

In-channel Ephemeral Stream Credits:  24,679
In-channel Intermittent Stream Credits:  14,765
Location:  Kaufman County
Permit Approved:  May 2023
Project Description: 

The David Sands Mitigation Bank proposes to use a combination of restoration and enhancement techniques for the purpose of generating stream mitigation credits. Site was cleared and leveled over the last 100 years, including the removal of historic stream channels to facilitate the drainage of the soils and establishment of introduced pasture grasses. Priority 2 restoration will be used to establish a stable Rosgen Class C and E stream channel and floodplain.

East Fork Wetland Project

Wetlands Management, LP (WMLP) entered into an agreement with the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) in 2004 to build and construct a water supply project on WMLP property. The project provides NTMWD with over 102,000 acre-feet per year using diverted water from the East Fork of The Trinity River and polishes the water in an 1,840 acre constructed wetland. WMLP exited the project in 2017 with the sale of property and additional buffer area to NTMWD.

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