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Because of federal protection of our nation’s watersheds, there has been an increased value of water resources. For landowners who are blessed with these resources on their property, Wetlands Management, LP is an ideal partner to help you capitalize in this ecosystem marketplace.

We are also landowners with farm and ranch operations in eight different counties in Texas, and believe that compensatory mitigation can be the highest and best use of the land if the right circumstances are in place. Restoration can provide value to the landowner by minimizing floodwater impacts, improving groundwater, and enhancing wildlife conditions. Evaluation of the landscape and site conditions will dictate what makes a good stream or wetland mitigation site.

If you have any questions or are interested in Wetlands Management evaluating your property, please contact Wilson Sands at 214.849.9054.

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What We Do
We restore and enhance streams and wetlands in exchange for mitigation credits. We’re a source of off-site compensatory mitigation for authorized unavoidable impacts to the aquatic environment. As mitigation bank sponsors, we:
  • Fund the creation of mitigation banks
  • Negotiate bank permits with federal agencies
  • Protect all land use consistent with banking agreements
  • Implement mitigation plans
  • Monitor biological functions
  • Execute timely adaptive management practices
  • Market and sell mitigation credits
  • Provide USACE-approved financial assurances
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Parters & Friends
John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center

John Bunker Sands
Wetland Center
A portion of all credit sales goes to support the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, whose vision is to offer public education and research on wetland habitat and water quality through a premier environmental center.
US Army Corps of Engineers - Fort Worth District